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My blog is a chronicle of the inspirational moments, lessons and people I've encountered along the way this year. Thanks for visiting. May this year inspire you.

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The NEW Project: One Year. 52 New Experiences. Infinite Possibilities.

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions. When I’ve tried, the only success I had was sabotaging every last one of them by January 3.  So as 2013 approached, I thought less about resolutions and daily rituals that I needed to adopt according to the traditional New Year’s protocol - and thought more about what I wanted this year to look like if I could see it laid out before me on a canvas.

I want it to be colorful.

I want it to be meaningful.

Fun. Different. Full of inspiration.

And some things that make me feel…uncomfortable. Yes. Uncomfortable.

Exceedingly uncomfortable.

The best explanation that I can offer for this desire is that I want to see what’s waiting for me outside of my comfort zone. I suspect something BIG. And I’m determined to find out.  

On January 1st, I embarked on a personal experiment I’m calling — “The NEW Project.”   One year. 52 weeks. One new adventure each week - physical, intellectual, artistic, culinary..spiritual.

Where will it lead?

I’m not sure, but the possibilities feel infinite. 

So far this month, I’ve been exploring confronting a few inhibitions I’ve been carting around far too long – using movement as the anecdote and exploring things I’ve never done before… mostly out of fear. Exploring things I’ve always wanted to try.  Classical Ballet , Belly Dancing , Aerial Yoga.  And so far…I’ve been learning something completely unanticipated from each activity.  

I look forward to sharing my (amateur and poorly lit) photos and updates, insights and learnings from The NEW Project along the way.  In the meantime, here’s a preview from my first ballet and aerial yoga class…more to come.

Oh, and if you’d like to join me for anything I’m planning…please get in touch. I welcome you with open arms.  #thenewproject